Mark Herbert

MARK HERBERT – Songwriter and Producer

Mark is the principal writer behind such acts as Breakfast Club and Bed Hedz.  He works closely with legendary music makers F/H Block, based at the iconic Ealing  Films studios site in West London.  He writes across a range of genres, from pop, soul, drum and base and dance to indie, folk and piano ballads. As well as writing solo he has collaborated with a number of F/H Block luminaries including Mac & Phil (best known for their work with Emile Sande), Ads Valu, Will Alaneme and legendary head of F/H Block, Hank Hughes (who has worked with everyone).  Singers he has recently worked with include Jem Cooke (currently enjoying major success with CamelPhat) and Stephanie McCourt who sang on his recently charting single, Want It All.


To give some idea of his different genres, here are samples from six recent singles:

1st. “The Best We Can”  (big pop ballad)


2nd. “B’n’B”  (drum and bass)


3rd. “Those Three Words”  (pure pop)


4th. “Want it All”  (pop – club mix)


5th.” Love is calling”  (dance)


6th.  “Who you gonna call?” (pop/rock)